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Curiouser and Curiouser

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9 August 1986
Sign: Leo

Year: Tiger

Myers-Briggs Type: ENFP/INFP

Tree Type: Hazlenut

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in English

Days until Bush leaves office.

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a clockwork orange, absolutely fabulous, activism, alice in wonderland, anal pwnage, animal rights, animals, anomalies, anti-bush, anti-war, art, arts and crafts, audrey tautou, bagpipes, barack obama, bdsm, bears in bee costumes, bondage, boots, brad neely, british comedy, buttsecks, cats, cheese, childfree, christopher guest, chuck palahniuk, comparative religion, conspiracy theories, cookies, crafts, crop circles, cryptozoology, cuddling, cunnilingus, deep thoughts, democratic socialism, democrats, donuts, dr. strangelove, drawing, dreams, driving late at night, duct tape, dystopian film, dystopian literature, edward gorey, english, ennio morricone, environmentalism, equality, erin esurance, fat cats, feminism, fishnet stockings, flat root beer, fog on ponds, freakshows, garter belts, gay rights, glbt rights, grilled cheese sandwiches, hayao miyazaki, henry darger, hieronymous bosch, homestar runner, human rights, jack off jill, jon stewart, kali, keith olbermann, kittens, kittens falling asleep, language, learning obscure words, legend of zelda, liberalism, liberals, lingerie, mark ryden, marriage equality, mexican food, monty python, multi-speed vibrators, music, mythology, narwhals, natalie dee, norse mythology, organizing mutinies of preverts, our lady of guadalupe, oxford comma, pacifism, palestinian liberation, pantheism, paranormal, peace, plaid, playing piano, pro-choice, progressive politics, psychology, rasputin, religion, rene magritte, rocky horror picture show, sacred harp, salvador dali, satire, scottish folds, serial killers, socialism, spirituality, spooning, sporking, stephen colbert, tchaikovsky, terry gilliam, the colbert report, the daily show, the decemberists, the distillers, the internets, the professor brothers, the pussy fauxhawk, tim burton, tom waits, toothpaste for dinner, transcendentalism, v for vendetta, vacationing at the oasis, vegetarianism, virginia tech, white ninja, women's rights, world of warcraft, writing

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